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China | Forbidden City Inspired Makeup Collection Pre-orders Out of stock in Only 10 Days

Dec 20, 2018.Xueqing DingBeijing, china
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At the peak of the beauty boom, the beauty business seems to be thriving. What went viral recently is when the Chinese Palace Museum (Forbidden City) in Beijing announced its makeup collection on December 11. The products were developed by the Beijing Forbidden Cultural Service Center's official EC store "The National Palace Tao Bao". This makeup collection is inspired by the cultural and architecture displayed at the palace museum created from Chinese traditional aesthetic designs in beauty. The line up features an eye shadow palette, blush, and lipsticks packaged in a laquer-like finishing with cranes, flowers, cloud motifs.

The make-up is inspired by the representative colours from the National Palace Museum, such as the red on the walls of the palaces, the “Lang Yao Red”, inspired by an ancient ceramic bottle in the museum. There’s many minute details such as the imprinted patterned cranes appearing on top of the cheek formula, and the ancient cloud print on top of the lipstick bullet. All products requiring pre-ordering and all shipments sent after February 2019, however one particular lipstick already has nearly 100,000 orders. All other items originally stocking tens of thousands are all out of stock in 10 days since the announcement of its arrival.