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Japan|Preventing Dry Skin: J-Beauty Facial Cream Review ③ KOSÉ Brands :「Sekkisei MYV」and「Cosme Decorté」

Dec 13, 2018.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Sekkisei MYV is the high-end line from Sekkisei’s global counter which uses advanced technology to bring out the full potential of oriental herbal blends. From just one product, the skin’s potential reawakens to reach the pinnacle of translucency. We’ve sampled and chose this time the moisturizing cream from the Concentrate range, “Sekkisei MYV Concentrate Cream”.

Containing fermented Coix seed extracts which increases clarity, and golden silk extract that stimulates the epidermis cells for resilient and firm results. The skin will feel dense, hydrated and smooth like silk. Other herbal ingredients such as Rosa laevigata extract promotes the profilaggrin production (that also boosts translucency) and calendula extract keeps the skin regulated with anti-inflammatory properties. The cream saturates the innermost layer of the stratum corneum that contains a golden ratio of highly-emollient vegetable-derived ingredients. Multiple oils of different densities combine to create a veil of moisture, and permeate the skin gradually for longer-lasting hydration. Contains a generous amount of amino acid theanine, found in gyokuro green tea, which holds moisture for hours, even in dry environments, until morning.

Editors’ Note:
The richness and soft texture feels not too greasy. The application feels smooth and feels like the skin is drinking it in. It moisturizes for hours and after use, the pores of the skin become supple and elastic with a transparent glow. If you wake up in the morning, you won't find that your skin feels dry or peeling. There’s a faint scent of natural essential oils.

Sekkisei MYV Actirise Cream comes from the Actirise Line, a new skin product line launched Oct. 1 this year that combines oriental plants and fermentation technologies. The cream uses the essence from the plant’s condensed fermented state to replenish skin tension. Ingredients include Job’s Tears Seed Ferment Filtrate, extracts from Angelica Acutiloba and Melothria Heterophylla Roots, Sake essence, Bacillus, rice bran extract, lastly fermented soy extract to reform the skin to be elastic and transparent.

Editors’ Note:
The texture feels rich as well and like melted cheese…? I have combination skin and this feels like the complete opposite of how I described the texture. It’s not greasy at all and absorbs for a full moisturizing effect that’ll sweep away skin dryness in winter. I recommend applying this before bedtime or in the morning. With the previous cream, there’s also a faint scent of natural essential oils.

A high-performance facial cream to launch on Jan. 16, 2019 from the top anti-aging series of COSME DECORTÉ AQ. This cream is meant to solve the deficiency of skin moisture and prevents sagging due to age and environmental stress. The newly developed BLACK SOY NECTARTM component is blended with fermented black soybean milk fermentation broth and black soybean extracts from Tanba Sasayama, Hyogo region, and a variety of precious beauty ingredients such as Mucuna birdwoodiana stem extract, and Japanese white birch water are extracted to renew the skin’s radiance and vitality. There’s a refreshing yet deep floral woody scent accented by the “mysterious blossom”, the night-blooming cereus, said to only bloom once a year on a summer’s night.

Editors’ Note:
Its rich, smooth, silky texture feels comfortable and the fragrance smells divinely relaxing. The cream absorbed quickly, with no traces of stickiness, and you can feel the increase in water retention and lustre in the skin. I think this just might be the one that’ll come out as the winner among other high-performance creams.

This is also a classic out of the top anti-aging series "COSME DECORTÉ AQ", which has held high feedbacks nationwide and abroad. The cream is specially developed from the  Mucuna birdwoodiana stem and white birch water bark extracts, that penetration through the stratum corneum, creating a healthy luster and firm feeling- as if your skin’s density has increased. It also shares the same scent of the night-blooming cereus.

Editors’ Note:
The rich and soft texture that virtually melts into the skin, it does what it claims giving the skin elasticity and luster. This is a moisturizer is adequate for the winter and the summers as it feels lightweight. The scent of this flower is light and pleasant.

This cream comes from the "liposome" line developed by COSME DECORTE, that focuses on problems such as the skin's function decreases with age, and the ability to absorb nutrient deteriorates. A trillions of 0.1 to 0.2 microns (liposomes), are contained in just one pump that seals dryness-prone areas and delivers concentrated moisture.

Editors’ Note:
Its translucent and rich in texture is fresh. It absorbs immediately after application and the moisturizing effect lasts for a long time. It’s a cream suitable for all four seasons. There’s a light scent.

Prédia’s new line PREDIA PETITE MER launched this year on Sept. 16 caters to millenials.  This cream has 2 shades from "01 blooming pink" that gives the skin a healthy flushed look and "02 clear blue" for skin transparency. The creams are a combination of a moisturizer, sun screen (SPF 25 / PA ++), primer, skin color corrector, and pore blurring product. Using ingredients that are sea-oriented, deep ocean water contains an abundant of minerals and the gel-like water-soluble moisturizing components along with polypropylene leaves the skin firm and hydrated.

Editors’ Note:
It looks like a solid cream, but when you spread it with your fingertips, the solid melts and spreads comfortably. It naturally covers unevenness of pores and skin discolouration, leaving the skin a clean unblemished look. Perfect for busy mornings, it’s easy to use directly before foundation. If you’re looking to create the “no-makeup” look, omitting the foundation would suffice.