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Japan|Starting with RMK and SUQQU, J-Beauty Limited Edition & Spring 2019 Brand Lineups

Jan 11, 2019.Xueqing DingTokyo,JP
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Popular domestically and overseas, RMK for its 2019 Spring / Summer collection "COLOR DANCE” arrives Jan. 11. Featuring a total of 24 makeup items using retro pop shades for a playful spring look packaged also with the dotted print. The key item this time is the “Eyes & Cheek Palette” consisting of seven coloured dots in bold pink, blue, yellow, green, and grey that will surely give you that spring mood. Why not try  something different for the start of the new year with the line-up of vivid colours?


SUQQU is wildly popular in China as one of the best luxury Japanese makeup brands and for its 2019 spring makeup inspired by the natural phenomenon of light rays streaming through openings in the clouds, called "Crepuscular rays", microscopic pearls are used in the make-up in a gentle and sinuous array of colours.The popular eyeshadow quad “DESIGNING COLOR EYES” has launched two new palettes along with liquid eye shadows “GLOW TOUCH EYES” in 3 shades, and “NAIL COLOR POLISH” also in 3 shades. It is worth noting that this season's new makeup items, including liquid blush SHIMMER LIQUID BLUSH, contain a large trace of pearl shimmer and 4 kinds of beauty oils, bringing full glow that’s moisturizing for the cheeks. Other addition new items include liquid eyeliner “COLOR INK LIQUID EYELINER” and “STAIN LIP LACQUER”. All new items will be available nationwide on Jan. 18.


Japan's new high-end makeup brand, Amplitude launched during autumn of 2018. A "cool adult beauty" are its 3 keywords, suggesting a sophisticated and mature colour collection for its first spring debut. The line-up consists of 11 items: eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow, blush, lip, nail polish, etc. to release on Jan. 23.

"Conspicuous Eyes" combines different textures in a 3 colour trio palette releasing a total of eight colours. Combined with the Cheek & Highlight, "Conspicuous Cheeks" combines moisturizing oil finishes to a glossy and transparent finish in a lightweight texture. Others products include the semi-matte lipstick, "Conspicuous Lips" and lip liner "Conspicuous Lip Liner". For cosmetic aficionados, this newcomer brand is a must.


New colour items will be released on March 1st from POLA’s high-end makeup brand, B.A. "B.A Colors Blush & Eyebrow" appears as the third installment by Ayami Nishimura, a makeup artist active in New York. Using poetic colours and different skin shades/textures, the lineup features cheeks, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow mascara, and lipsticks. Among them notably is the cheek palette which in just one shade gives the cheeks a beautiful, sophisticated gradation finish.


JILL STUART Beauty is releasing a "Cherry Blossom" themed collection on Feb. 22. The flower is the epitome of representing spring in Japan and will make you feel the sweetness of spring the moment you see the packaging and colours. Popular "Mix Blush Compact N" combines orange & cherry quad colours finished with a cherry blossom and lace pattern on the packaging. Lip colours "Lip Blossom" and "Lip Glow Balm" are also appearing in a limited time packaging in a pink silver encasing topped up with a light rose Swarovski.


COSME DECORTÉ unleashes its 2019 Spring Collection "Secret Aurora Spell" Jan. 16. If you haven’t had enough of pink, then get ready for a colour scheme based on a aurora pink glow. Three limited edition colours for single eyeshadow, "Eye Glow Gem" is on trend using luxurious pearl shimmers. The "cream brush" using the same technology for creating the remnants of "Eye Glow Gem" while other items include a quad eye shadow, and a limited edition lipstick and nail polish.


PAUL & JOE BEAUTE welcomes the coming spring with cute flower motifs limited items with the theme "Floral Shoppe" Jan. 5. Eye shadows, lips, roll-on type fragrance, and more fill the line up. I’d personally would like to recommend the "Eye Colour CS". The trio eye shadow palette is like a flower box has a fresh light flower fragrance, which truly expresses the flower theme as a whole. It’s cute which makes it a perfect item to gift loved ones. Along with the smooth buttery touch of the limited edition "lipstick CS" and flower pattern design "lipstick case CS" is a definite set that I’d buy together.


ADDICTION 2019 spring and summer collection "FAKE ROMANCE" was inspired by the gorgeous costume worn by the protagonist from the Italian opera "La Traviata" staged at the La Scala opera house in Milan. Director of the brand, AYAKO, referenced the colours from the costumes worn by the heroine of the story, using a lot of romantic pink and enthralling crimson tones. The items range from eye shadows, nail polishes, blushes, and lipsticks. From the 99-colour monochromatic eye shadow "THE EYESHADOW" (2,000 yen + tax) is in a rich texture from pearl to matte centered on a mode pink shade. A limited four colours will also release a liquid cheek blush type "CHEEK POLISH". All items were released on Jan. 4.