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Japan|Korean conceptual artist gimhongsok holds Solo Exhibition

Oct 10, 2018.Moeko NabekuraSeoul, KR
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Japan's first solo exhibition "EVERY, DAY, ACTS, LIKE, LIFE" by Korean conceptual artist gimhongsok is being held from Sep. 21 to Nov. 10 in Perrotin Tokyo. Seoul based artist Gimhongsok was born in 1964 and has participated in international exhibitions such as Venice, Taipei, Gwangju etc. Using humorous installation, video, technology and performance, he expresses the culture and ideology from a unique point of view.

In this exhibition, three bronze sculptures from his "inappropriate (EVERY, DAY, ACTS, LIKE, LIFE)" series are displayed, which cast into several twist balloons. Not twisted on purpose, balloons that are tilted or radial leaning against each other, raises questions about truth or false. In addition, mural painting named "Untitled" using paint roller and acrylic paint and 2 oil paintings and 1 resin sculpture are on exhibition.