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Nov 9, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Japanese brand, MOUSSY is releasing their line called "MOUSSY STUDIOWEAR" with dancer and choreographer, RIEHATA on Dec. 1. The concept is based on “clothes that mirrors a duality of an individual” combining sportswear and style launching a variety of items that is designed in perspective to fashion and functionality.

RIEHATA is a global dancer and choreographer that is an active participant in fashion, makeup and lifestyle. This collaboration includes 7 items including down jackets, turtleneck tops, pullovers, overalls, slacks and knit hats. The colour schemes are a combination of 90s street wear in black, white, red, yellow, blues with some in unisex. Each item has the logo of MOUSSY STUDIOWEAR and RIEHATA. The prices range from 3,980 yen (excl. tax) to 15,800 yen (excl. tax).