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NYX Professional Makeup: New Pearl Monochromatic Highlights for Face and Lips

Jun 11, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Los Angeles cosmetic brand NYX is finally bringing over to Japan a series of new lip makeup and highlighters on June 7th. The new products on sale include a monochromatic 6-colour highlighting palette named "BORN TO GLOW!".  Its exquisite pearl-like reflections spotlights facial features with an intense glow. The “DUO CHROMATIC LIP GLOSS” has a sheer textured pearl loaded 3D finishing giving the lips a mesmerizing effect.

Last but not least, NYX’s ever so popular “SOFT MATTE LIP CREAM” is coming out with new metallic coloured lippies for a pearly burst of colour but also gives the lips a lightweight and satiny finish. In addition, the series of ordinary matte colours are introducing 12 new colours mostly in shades of nude, suitable for creating sexy mature lips. All products are on sale starting June 7th 2018.