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Japan|First Store Opening: "Norwegian Rain" and "T-MICHAEL", Functional High-tech Outerwear and Tailoring

Apr 23, 2019.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Left: T-Michael, Right: Alexander Helle

Under TSI Holdings affiliated UNIT&GUEST Co.,Ltd., co-brands Norwegian Rain and T-MICHAEL hailing from Norway, opened their first store in Tokyo on the historical streets of Kanda on April 12.

The 100-square-meter renovated wooden store had been a glass wholesaler since the early Showa period, has been transformed into a tastefully rendered cultural interchange of Norwegian-designed furniture and Japanese aesthetics. This will be the fourth store to open in conjunction to the ones in Norway’s two cities Oslo and Bergen, and the one located in Paris, France. Two stories-high, the ground floor offers rainwear collection, Norwegian Rain, while the second floor is dedicated to T-MICHAEL and its conceptual men’s tailoring inspired by sartorial traditions in a diversity of designs. There’s also a bar on the second floor where you can enjoy the best of both worlds in liquors from Japan such as Suntory World Whisky, Ao and Norway’s Bareksten Gins.

Norwegian Rain was established in August 2009, co-owned by creative director, Alexander Helle and design partner, T-Michael. Norwegian Rain offers 100% windproof, breathable premium outerwear that's functionally blended with Japanese sensitivity to combat the rain in clever detailing for an effortless style. Provided that the brand is eco-conscious, they utilizes recycled fabrics without using any solvents. As for the designer’s bespoken brand, T-MICHAEL, the universe captures the spirit and essence of traditional tailoring for menswear in fine details that pursue originality, yet respecting traditional conventions in impeccable garment constructions.

Norwegian Rain & T-Michael Tokyo
Time: Mon.- Wed. 11am to 8 pm / Thurs.- Sat. 12pm - 10pm / Sun. 11am - 6pm
Location: 1-12-6 Kanda Sudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo