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SIXPAD Introduces a Future Type of Gym, Opened in Daikanyama

Jun 4, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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The future type gym refers to the training gear 'SIXPAD' which will be opened in Daikanyama in July. With innovative concepts and high-tech facilities, there’s never anything like this gym. "SIXPAD" is a training gear created from three synergies of the world's highest EMS theory, a unique waveform developed by MTG, and through the training methods shown by Cristiano Ronaldo. How this works? Simply by attaching this pad to the abdominal, you can achieve your ideal ‘six pack’.

Within the gym, a space that only allows approximately six people to train at the same time has a large widescreen in front of each person. A special bodysuit that has the SIXPADs attached allows the wearer to train following the instructions that are displayed on the screen. The current flowing from the pad attached to the body suit stimulates the muscles almost like an electric current that pulses through and in the process trains the muscles in just 15 minutes. Perfect for busy people of this day and age to be able to do effective training in a short amount of time. Another interesting addition is a meditation space called ZENROOM. One side of this room is a screen, where you can cool down after the exercise while watching running water and the milky way reflected on the screen. We’re expecting more of these types of gyms to be filled with state-of-the-art high-techs in the mainstream future.