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Sekkisei’s First All-New Beauty Supplement

Jun 7, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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Sekkisei Hatomugi Powder 4,000 yen+tax(30days/1.5g×30 pouches)

Kose skin care brand, “Sekkisei” came out with its first beauty wellness supplement, "Sekkisei Hatomugi Powder" and will be on sale from July 1st. The blend has extracts of the Hatomugi grain (a.k.a. Coix Seed) which is present in Sekkisei’s products. The supplements are inspired by the Japanese culinary culture saying,  “Gomi, Goshiki, Gohou”. In a nutshell, ‘Gomi’ represents the balance of five flavour: sweet, salty, acidity, and bitterness. ‘Goshiki’ represents the five colours used in cooking: red, blue, yellow, white, and black, while ‘Gohou’ refers to the five methods of cooking that brings out the specialty in the ingredients: steam, fry, simmer, and baking. They’ve translated this by blending five main ingredients of purple tea, black rice, white cloud ear mushroom, ginger malt-rice, and Dokudami (Japanese herb) into powder form for easy intake. The gentle taste from the original sweetness of the Hatomugi grain has been popular for many years as a beauty supplement in Japan that heals body and skin fatigue, allowing the person to feel beautiful inside out.