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Japan | Drawing Exhibition of「TADANOBU ASANO 3634」

Dec 18, 2018.Manabu TakamuraTokyo, JP
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Japanese actor, Tadanobu Asano is displaying his drawing exhibition "TADANOBU ASANO 3634" at the Watarium Art Museum. He debuted in 1990 in the movie “Bataashi Kingyou” but besides being a well known actor he’s also an active musician participating in band activities, and DJ-ing.

While filming in China in 2013, Asano Tadanobu who starred with Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi in the movie “The Wasted Times”, began sketching and drawing on the sets during the long waits between the scenes. "I started doodling on the back of our schedule papers when I was waiting in the van in between takes. Because of the many drawings that I’ve collected, the exhibition has come to fruition.” says Asano, who has since the past five years accumulated more than 3,634 drawings. At this exhibition, 700 of them are exhibited to offer a perspective into Asanos’ reflection on some personal pieces ranging from sketches, doodles, graffiti, manga, and even abstract art. This exhibition will be held until March 31, 2019.