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China|The Limited Edition ‘Year of the Pig’ Items Launched by Major Brands

Jan 31, 2019.Xueqing DingChina
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The Spring Festival in 2019 is approaching with major brands launching limited editions in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year. The animal this year? We’re celebrating our pink friend, the pig. Let's take a closer look at what assortments luxury brands have in mind for this year’s collection.

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton China Online Store

Louis Vuittion

This year Louis Vuitton not only launched a gold pig bracelet and necklace, but also a pink pig limited edition square scarf, which is only available on the official Chinese site. Other than the limited editions, pig-shaped items such as the cute piglet keyholder, piggy bank, etc. are available.


GUCCI followed through with their version not only with their original image but also utilizing Disney’s animation “Three Little Pigs” launching a total of 35 items for men's and women's in luggage, leather accessories, shoes, and jewelry all in limited edition. In addition to the Chinese New Year-themed window displays around the world in January, the brand also specially curated advertisements shooting with real baby pigs. Well played Gucci.

Photo credit: Dior China Online Store


Dior limited-edition hand bracelet which were launched in the past year this time did not follow through with the pig motif. Instead, they launched their flower pattern Diorelita gold-plated metal and red string bracelet. However, to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, Dior designed a new Toile de Jouy print. Inspired by the elegant French classic fabrics used by Christian Dior's first boutique interior, the red flower pattern corresponds to the happiness and wealth associated in Chinese culture. This collection includes 15 items including handbags, scarves, and shoes.

Photo credit: ESTEE LAUDER US Online Store

Estée Lauder

Make-up brand Estée Lauder launches the "Year of the Pig" piglet powder with shimmering powdered micro diamonds. The color scheme of gold and pink that’s lovely and pleasing. This loose powder is priced at US$200 on the American official website. It makes a delightful cute gift.

Photo credit: BECCA official Instagram

BECCA cosmetics

Recently, BECCA cosmetics has attracted a lot of attention in China and launched their Chinese New Year Limited Edition for the first time. An animation released on the official Instagram account shows a piglet who after runs into the pressed highlighter and is immortalized on the pink shimmery powder. In addition to the limited edition of the Lunar New Year, the recent UK limited edition of the “Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Royal Glow” gained immense popularity among beauty aficionados.