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US|The Future is Near: Beauty Gadgets from L’Oréal

Mar 6, 2019.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Left: My Skin Track pH, Right: My Skin Track UV

In the recent course of beauty gadgets seen at the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) and announcements from companies, the future doesn’t sound so science fiction anymore. There are a dubious amount of products to look into but in particular, L’Oréal seems to be coming out one product after another recently has been focusing on one particular innovation in whether it’s in reading the skin’s pH or UV exposure.

L'Oréal as of recent has been introducing several innovations on sampling the skin conditions. Last year co-developed with the company’s sub brand, La Roche-Posay, they released the first battery-free wearable electronic to measure UV exposure My Skin Track UV which was first unveiled at CES 2018. Available on, La Roche-Posay official site and selected U.S. Apple Stores, the sensor works to measure individual UV levels. It’s a companion app integrated with Apple HealthKit providing insight to the exposure of pollution, pollen, and humidity allowing users to make more informed choices. The discreet sensor is 12mm wide and 6mm high, waterproof, and has a sturdy wire clip for attaching on clothing or accessories that retails for US$ 59.95.

My Skin Track UV (US$ 59.95)

Another tracking device thought still in its prototype state is the My Skin Track pH also developed with La Roche-Posay, measure personal skin pH levels to create customizable product regimes for the skin using the same mechanics as the My Skin Track UV. The product was honored with a CES 2019 Innovation Award coming in first place in the Wearable Technology Products category. The sensor follows a two-step process for the reading where the wearer places the sensor on their inner arm for 5-15 minutes until the two dots turn colour. Wearers can open their My Skin Track pH app to photograph the sensor which will read and assess then recommend products suited for the individual. My Skin Track pH was created in partnership with Epicore Biosystems, the industry leader in microfluidic platforms and soft wearable sensors.

My Skin Track pH

"pH is a leading indicator of skin health," says Professor Thomas Luger, Head of the Department of Dermatology, University of Münster, Germany. "It is something my patients ask about, but until now it has been very challenging to measure skin pH outside of a clinical setting. This tool has the potential to inspire consumers to adopt healthier skincare habits and empower medical professionals with an entirely new way to recommend skincare regimens."

Within the next decades, these devices will hopefully open a new route to suggesting not only a healthier lifestyle but will allow us to be aware of our environment allowing us to make better decisions when choosing products.