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NY|sacai X ‘The New York Times’ Truth Campaign

Jun 27, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Japanese fashion label "sacai" founded in 1999 developed their new merch with The New York Times. Developed for the FW Mens 2018 and Pre-Fall Womens 2018 collection, the theme revolves around the slogan, “Truth” that incorporates The New York Times campaign to express the notion of independent journalism holding reported facts accountable. The collection pre-launched through Saks Fifth Avenue in New York prior on June 16th and will officially begin selling at sacai retail and dealership stores on June 23rd. Prices range from US$300 to US$420 that’s simple in design with printed ‘truth’ logos of the campaign in black and white.

  • Minoru Mami

    Fashion weather forecaster

    When Sacai debuted in Paris in 2011, I asked Anna Wintour: "Is there any other Japanese designers that can make a breakthrough on a global scale?" She replied: "I can’t think of any other brands except sacai. " This collaboration with New York Times newspapers really is something. If I ask Anna the same question about sacai now, how will she answer? I think her answer remains the same.