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Japan|AKIRA NAKA 2019 Pre-Spring Reinterprets the Kimono

Jul 26, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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The theme of the 2019 pre-spring collection of Japanese brand, AKIRA NAKA takes the traditional kimono and deconstructs. Adopting the linear beauty and geometrical elements of the kimono in the jackets and coats, it has a fresh take giving it the right amount of balance in proportion. The Kamishima Kimonos unique shoulder line has been modernly fashioned, with a design that expresses the beauty of the knot presented by the wrapping of cloth and bold draping. What was a simple cotton fabric has been transformed into a unique collection in a sublime contemporary piece embracing traditional silhouettes.

Designer AKIRA NAKA started designing after having met with Taylor during his stay in America. He was elected for The International Fashion and Photography Festival of Hyères while studying at the Royal Antwerp Academy of Arts. He studied under a knit designer in Antwerp and returned to Japan in 2006 . From the Spring / Summer 2009 season, he participated in the Tokyo Collection as AKIRA NAKA and from the spring of 2016, he developed a collection based on the brand concept of "Wearing the attitude". Refined silhouettes created by three-dimensional cutting his knitworks created by Northern European and Japanese techniques have garnered aficionados from around the world.