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Japan|All New Bontanical Skincare Brand 「ITRIM」

Dec 12, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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ACRO Co., Ltd. which operates cosmetic brand THREE has had a popular streak both abroad and inbound, and now, the company launched its new luxury skin care brand, ITRIM (pronounced ITO-RIM). ACRO’s CEO Ishibashi Yasushi who established cosmetic brands SUQQU, RMK and THREE are names that have enjoyed a wide spread of success and popularity. ITRIM is a combination of two ancient Japanese words: “ito” means extraordinary, while “rin” describes a woman’s dignified attitude. Keeping these words in mind, the skincare line utilizes rare organic botany from around the world, following the motto, "Plants win over chemically-based skincare anyday". Their philosophy aims to provide “authentic beauty” that starts with bare skin as it’s the largest organ of the human body.

The current range has a total of 12 products promotes blood circulation and healthy glow in face, body, and hair care products, as well as their own range of cotton pads. Common ingredients include melissa oil, melon seed oil, loquat leaf extract, and spring water from the Japanese alpines of Tateyama. The most discerning items to mention: a two-toned red and transparent makeup remover that contains gromwell root extract and ruby coloured facial soap made from Haematococcus algae. With the additional essential oil blends of melissa and sandalwood, it feels as if you’re treating yourself to an everyday spa. The simplicity and luxurious ITRIM, will no doubt do remarkably in the future.