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Japan|CHANEL Red Celebration「CHANEL MATSURI」Beauty Event

Oct 4, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Chanel’s beauty event, CHANEL MATSURI that’s taking place from Sept. 28 until Oct. 8 at Roppongi Tenso Shrine. The event is expected to take place also at Kyoto and Hiroshima.

At the RED CELEBRATION, Chanel displays a plethora of red coloured beauty items that is cohesive to Japan’s cultural festival called matsuri that uses red for festivities at the shrine. Guests can look forward to enjoying the world of CHANEL that’s laced with a variety of red nuances and textures. A CC small monument was erected into place and a lottery game

called CHANEL KUJI with numbered red pieces of paper can be drawn to receive gifts and words of written wisdom by Gabrielle Chanel.

A ‘Touch up Zone’ makeup panel is available for sampling the products in a Yata (Japanese festival booth) style. There will also be pre-sales of CHANEL’s newest Rouge Allure products “Liquid Powder” and “Velvet Extreme”which are released on October 5 in Japan. In addition, the new Le Quatre Ombre that’s expected to release on Dec.1 will be available for pre-sales.