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Japan|Mini-Sized Makeup: "SHISEIDO Pico" Releases their ‘Matchmaking Collection’

Jan 22, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Shiseido will release a limited number of new mini-sized makeup called "SHISEIDO Pico" on March 1. SHISEIDO Pico first released last year in February and is specially curated by a designer from the millennial generation to target a younger audience. Other than its distinctive size, they’re affordable with a wide range of shades and textures. The collection was so well received that all stores carrying the line had sold out in succession becoming a hit on social media.

Last year’s theme was based on "Japanese sweets" and for its second collection, it’s based on “Matchmaking”. The collection is divided into two categories: a ‘butterfly knot’ meant to symbolize the bond in a relationship that can be tied many times represented by the “Lacquer Ink Shine Pico” (8 colors, 1,800 yen + tax) and a ‘plum knot’ that is indestructible represented by the "Nail Enamel Pico" (8 colors, 1,000 yen + tax).

The Lacquer Ink Lip Shine Pico is a light weight rouge featuring vibrant shades that has a glossy lacquer finish. Just like the butterfly knot, the colours change when overlapped with other shades in the range to create interesting combinations, while the "plum knot" inspired Nail enamel pico insures a one coat solid application. Each colour is accompanied with cute names such as "Make a Wish", "Rendezvous", "Pinky Swear", "Magic Words", "Exchanging Diaries" where women may discover their young hearts.