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Japan | SUQQU Christmas Limited Collection, First Kaleidoscope 8 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Oct 15, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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SUQQU 2018 CHRISTMAS EYESHADOW COMPACT Limited Colors 9000 Yen(excl. tax)

SUQQU has collaborated with Akihiko Kobayashi, who’s a kaleidoscope maker, for it’s 2018 Christmas collection inspired from her works. This is the first time SUQQU has released an eight color eye shadow palette and it features shimmer and glitter textures like a jewellery box perfect for the holidays.

SUQQU MOISTURE RICH LIP STICK Limited 2 Colors each 5000 Yen(excl. tax)

SUQQU FLAWLESS LIP GLOSS Limited 2 Colors each 5000 Yen(

From SUQQU Moisture Rich Lipstick, a limited 2 colors and limited packages features a bluish rose pink in "109 Momokiseki (Peach Pyroxene)" and mellow ruby red in "110 Koniroishi (dark blue stone)", each delicate and versatile filled with fine pearl compounds that give the lips a seductive jewel-like finish.
From the "SUQQU Flawless Lip Gloss" with two limited colors is an elegant pink "107 Zakuro Hikari (Pomegranate Light)" and warm lemon color in "106 Kizuishou (Yellow Quartz)" that adds a polished look for the season. The collections will be released from November 1.