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Zadig & Voltaire Unisex Line: Jagger Snow

Jun 8, 2018.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross) and Ashlee Simpson couple’s first collaboration for the debut new gender-neutral line, “Jagger Snow,” FW 18/19 consist of an easy to wear line that’s named after their daughter, Jagger Snow, who’s spirit of free love and artistry is reflected in this collection.

 Inspired by their love and daily life, this street collection conveys a message of equality and independence. The ten-piece collection is embellished with peace symbols and lyrics from their forthcoming album: “We don’t need permission to love,” “Like a bird you set me free,” and “I want to be a part of you.” Quoting the couples, “Love is art. Zadig is Ashlee. Voltaire is Evan.”

The collection will be released earlier at Isetan Shinjuku Store June 6th and at other store fronts will be available from June 15th.