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2018 First Half: Top 10 News ② The Smart Speaker Era is Really Here. On High Demand Selling Like Hotcakes?

Jul 3, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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It really came true after all. The arrival of the voice-controlled smart speaker paradigm. In the United States, a survey showed 20% of adults users and if Japan had the same percentages, EC orders would increase and companies can no longer overlook the ushering of these devices. "What’s the weather today? Put on some music! Tell me what this means!” are the basis for using this voice assistance and since April, the Amazon Echo even has well over 600 uses. With the convenience at command, ordering and buying products through the device can generate a hefty revenue and we can anticipate the market forecast of 4 trillion yen in Japan up ‘till 2022.  It wouldn’t be surprising if the next-gen devices respond to pet calls. A likely horror sci-fi movie idea for those of you out there.