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2018 First half: Top 10 News ④ The ZOZO Typhoon Sweeping the Nation, 6 million ZOZO Suit Shipped

Jul 6, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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The owner of this establishment sure made a good decision. The dotted spandex-like suits includes free shipping and while at just one touch of the smartphone, captures the wearer’s body measurements. Once a failed attempt, their second time around resulted in a 6 million order shipment. Normally companies that come out with failed products are dissuaded, however ZOZO’s positive outlook had overcome its failure, remaking a new suit. It doesn’t matter what kind of weird looking dotted wet suit you’re wearing as long as it’s capable of taking measurements of your body accurately, you’re already part of the ZOZO group. We’re being ushered into an era where ready-made items will take over. Most fashion-related companies haven’t been sharp enough to realize this new tech. Within three years, the pattern ordering fashion will be seen regularly in retail.