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US|Advertising Drama: Direct Attack from Skechers Against Nike

Mar 7, 2019.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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Skechers Advert

It seems Skechers couldn’t resist taking a jab at Nike’s shoe failure after rising basketball star, Zion Williamson injured himself due to a split shoe just 32 seconds during the Feb. 20 match between Duke and UNC. A few weeks passed after the incident, an advert appeared on The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today with Skechers making a mockery of the Nike PG2.5 sneakers worn by Zion. With a torn half, the words above played on Nike’s motto from “Just Do It” to “Just Blew It.” Then comes the final blow, with Skechers’ promise: “ We won’t split on you.”

Skechers wasn’t the only one having a go. Puma tweeted a few hours after on the incident, “Wouldn’t have happened in the Pumas,” which was then deleted after when it became a heated discussion.

Puma official Twitter deleted comment

For a company that has secured itself in the industry, Nike would have felt this liken to a mosquito bite. Initial stocks have drove Nike shoes down to 2% after that has risen to US$ 86 at record high. According to financial firm Oppenheimer’s analyst, Brian Nagel noted optimistically, “any lasting damage to the company and its shares will prove minimal.”

This seems like a desperate attempt by Skechers, but what can it accomplish by pointing fingers like school kids at the playground? Everything. By highlighting pitfalls on both sides. It sure has served its deed as an ad filled drama.