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China|Dior Captures the Younger Generation with China’s short Video App, Tik Tok

Aug 13, 2018.Siqi DaiBeijing, CN
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Why are luxury brands entering the short video application in the music industry? China's Bytedance Co., Ltd. operates a lip-sync shared community video app called "Tik Tok" with "Dior" as the first luxury brand to open an account. Until now, twelve movies have been released in the application with contents ranging from men's and women's cosmetics, bags and popular celebrities participating such as Angelababy, Likun Wang, Tian Jing, and Ziwen Wang. From the profile part of the brand there is a link to the page of the "DIORAMOUR" series that’s exclusive in China and items such as bags and shoes can be browsed through there. "DIOR" aims to not only create affordable cosmetics but also apparel and bags of luxury prices to appeal to the young generation who have a substantial high purchasing power. In fact, the newly launched Lady Dior's white handbag has already sold out and this new strategy to target young customers by using Tik Tok to communicate the details of the product with the animation has seen better results. So far beauty brands such as "Estee Lauder " and "Lancôme" have also start using the same application, and even "Michael Kors” and "adidas Neo" have followed suite.

"Tik Tok" started its service in September 2016 which was intensively advertised in China in 2017 to gain awareness. It was successful a while after it started gaining popularity in many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. Since last November, the company has acquired North American music short video community, "". On the official website, Tik Tok has announced that it will collaborate with "" from August 1st this year, leaving the name Tik Tok to unify the user experience globally with a new logo and UI to offer more comprehensive video functions than before. Recently, they have achieved 100 million active users per month.
Overseas, Tik Tok is recognized as an entertainment application. In China however, its also used in various industry brands but also used by China's national TV station, CCTV, and state-owned nuclear power company, CNNP and surprisingly, state-owned aircraft government companies such as manufacturer AVIC. Tik Tok is considered as an effective means to deliver a rich short 15-second video that’s easily understood to the younger generation who are so reliant on imagery means.