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Japan|FLOWFUSHI, Known for its “Mote Mascara” is Launching a New Brand

Jan 21, 2019.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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FLOWFUSHI, ended the brand in 2018, announces that a new brand will soon be launching. In Japan, the new product will be available on March 14, followed with a promotional campaign called "KEEP OR DROP" in New York one and a half months later.

Although FLOWFUSHI has enjoyed an overall popularity with products MOTE MASCARA and LIP 38 ° C Lip Treatment, they’ll be launching a new brand coming out with their new liquid eyeliner.

The promotional event "KEEP OR DROP" in New York, allows guests to participate in a blindfold test of the new eyeliner. Without prior knowledge of the brand name, price, or origin, guests evaluate the product to ‘keep’ or ‘drop’. If the votes are high, the eyeliner will pass and enter the US market and if not, will be suspended. Regardless of the results, Japan will launch the new liquid eyeliner on March 14 with other various types of products on the market one after the other.