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Japan|Interview with LOVE Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Katie Grand

Aug 1, 2018.Stephanie WuTokyo, JP
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At the launch party celebrating LOVE magazine’s 10 illustrious years at Dover Street Market Ginza, I had wolf down two glasses of champagne hoping that I would somehow relax in Katie Grand’s presence. Guests were queuing for her signature, the media waiting to chat with her. Turns out the founding editor-in-chief of LOVE magazine was as down to earth as they say. Her resumé speaks volumes -- a stylist who’s worked with prevalent figures in the industry such as Marc Jacobs, Alessandro Michele, Giles Deacon, Miuccia Prada, as an art director of Balmain, a curator of fashion exhibits, and most of all launched a total of five magazines: Dazed & Confused, The Face, POP, Gang, and of course, Love. The list doesn’t end but I’m sure you get the gist of who Katie is and why I was a little tense. Graciously, she sat down with me and this is how it went.

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary Issue of LOVE Magazine. Is there any particular reason why you’ve launched a reception in Japan?

I was on holiday here actually and I brought my parents with me to see Tokyo. Then we started talking to Dover Street Market which took us back to the launch party we did with with them 10 years ago. I was excited when they asked if we were interested in doing a reception in Tokyo.

Editors seem to have become a huge presence in social media and as an editor-in-chief / stylist, do you find it affects the way you present yourself?

I’m a bit too self-conscious when it comes to posting pictures of myself. I do love going to the gym and I do take the occasional pictures but rarely do I set myself up. I’ve always enjoyed working with designers, being part of the design team, and as a magazine editor.

You’re not only an editor-in-chief but also a stylist, creative consultant, contributing writer, curator-- what is it you think that has made you successful?

I think I'm quite prolific and I don't dwell on things very much and look back saying, ‘Oh it use to be so great’ etc. I like to move on fast and I'm always looking forward. I’ve also got a good sense in fashion history because that’s what I love.

Print magazines have seen a decline recently, seeing even Andy Warhol's Interview magazine’s shut down this year. How do you manage to sustain your magazine? And how have you managed digitally?

There’s a huge decline and we’re not declining. I think my focus has always been on product, the best pictures, quality writing and working with a really good team whom I’ve been with for 25 years maintaining our standards. We have a huge digital team who are all very young and ambitious, the youngest one being 23. They’re motivated and they all hang out together and they remind me when I first started Dazed magazine.

You have such a busy schedule do ever felt like stepping back sometimes?

I’ve never really felt I needed to step back or anything I just really hate being alone on travels; waiting for the departure time alone, having jet lag on your own and just not being able to be with family or friends. Travel is amazing, however not being able to share that experience with someone is something I find not as enjoyable.

Do you have any new projects coming up?

We just about to work on our advent which will be quite different this year. Working with 25 different people but its still really vague right now.


LOVE 10th Anniversary Issue 2,700 yen +tax