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China | Liberty London Enters the Secoo Platform to Expand Online Luxury Development

Oct 24, 2018.Siqi DaiBeijing, CN
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UK's high-end department store, Liberty London has reached out to cooperate with Chinese luxury shopping platform, Secoo to carry out brand exclusively in the region.
Through this partnership, Liberty London will simultaneously offer premium and luxury bags, leather goods, gifts, and stationery to Secoo’s over 20 million high-end members.

Managing director of Liberty London, Andrea Petochi, said “We are really excited to be working with Secoo as our first partner in China and look forward to growing the brand in such an important territory.” Ren Guanjun, CGO of Secoo Group said “Cooperating with Liberty will strengthen the development for China’s online development and enrich the premium products to maximum satisfy consumer’s demand.”

The Secco Group was established in 2008 and officially landed on American stock exchange, NASDAQ on Sept. 22, 2017. So far, it has a high-end market share of 25.3% in China and 15.4% in Asia (source: Frost & Sullivan). The group's three major segments meet the diverse preferences in dozens of categories such as bags, watches, apparel, high-end travel, art, luxury cars, private jets, and accumulates more than 300,000 products from around the world. In the future, Secoo will continue to meet shopping demands for high-end consumers and bring unexpected surprises.