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Global|@Oldceline Instagram Account Honours Former Designer of CÉLINE, with Many Celebrity Followers

Jan 23, 2019.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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When it comes to the top 3 breaking news in the fashion industry, the resignation of Phoebe Philo, former designer of CÉLINE must be ranked as one of them. During her decade-long tenure at CÉLINE, the kingdom she created has attracted millions of loyalists, making the brand holding itself aloof from the industry with its unique identity and style. While Phoebe’s resignation already broke the hearts of her aficionados, everyone was speechless when CÉLINE went to the extremes of erasing her work after Hedi Slimane took over. New designs released afterwards remark that the brand is heading towards a new direction poles apart from its original one.

Right after the history of CÉLINE came to an abrupt end, Instagram account @Oldceline was created in memory of the Philo-era. As mentioned in their profile, “This is an archive and tribute to #PhoebePhilo at the helm of @celine - 2008-2018” where all content shows the old era of CÉLINE. With only 63 photos, the account has nearly 2,00,000 followers, including celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Emily Ratajkowski, and Rosie HW.

With the rapid growth on Instagram, the account became a clear statement, even releasing the OLD CÉLINE logo T-shirt. Gabrielle Boucinha, the creator of @Oldceline, was one of the huge advocate of Phoebe's Céline, in which the “less is more” approach was promoted. The idea of setting up @Oldceline to upload photos of the Phoebe-era from 2008 to 2018, came to her instantly when she found out that the previous account of CÉLINE was removed. With her recent popularity, she started to launched items printed with OLD CÉLINE while conforming to the trend of the fashion industry.

Instagram @Oldceline