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Japan|Mitsukoshi Isetan HD Former Director, Onishi Hiroshi Becomes External Director of STRIPE INTERNATIONAL

Jul 25, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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STRIPE INTERNATIONAL announced that Onishi Hiroshi, the former director of Mitsukoshi Isetan Holdings, will become an external director of the company on August 1st. The company's external directors includes Sony's former CEO, Idei Nobuyuki, the former deputy general manager of Shiseido, Kimie Iwata, and now Onishi Hiroshi.

STRIPE has been actively expanding overseas this year. In February, the new company STRIPE DEPARTMENT and hotel koe tokyo was established. This time, the introduction of Onishi as the company external director, will help provide new strategic ideas for the company's future management and overseas developments.

  • Minoru Mami

    Fashion weather forecaster

    Seeing Isetan Shinjuku as a rival is indeed Stripe-like. You sure went there, Mr. Onishi! Gusts of wind are picking up in the industry.There are some individuals who retired from Isetan Mitsukoshi and switched sides to Stripes and maybe due to that both companies have a similar frame. It would be nice if they were friendly rivals, but if they’re blinded by their rivalries, they’ll fail to see a bigger fish waiting to strike. Wishing both companies all the luck.