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China | Sephora’s 222 Stores in China and its Accelerating Expansion in the Chinese Market

Jan 18, 2019.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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Sephora entered China in 2005 and opened its first store in Shanghai. Very quickly in its second year, Sephora settled in Beijing and began to expand into second-tiered cities* and during that time as well established their online store. As of the end of 2006, Sephora expanded to 12 stores in China and in 2011, the 100th store opened in Guangzhou. In 2013, China established one of its largest flagship store again in Shanghai. In 2015, they entered and settled in Tmall in 2016. As of the end of 2017, 222 stores were opened in 74 cities. In August last year, Sephora launched their WeChat app. Sephora Asia's first new retail concept store was also launched in Shanghai in September 2018.
Currently, Sephora China has introduced more than 100 brands that’s world-renowned including Sephora's own namesake collection featuring skin care, makeup, fragrance, bath, hair care and accessories.
In addition, Sephora launched a new retail concept called “My Beauty Power Turn It On” in China in the second half of last year; an omni-channel system that allows products to be sold through major social networks in China, including Sephora APP, Sephora official website, Tmall,, and WeChat app.
According to the company's press release: "The new concept will lead a new wave of trends, bringing unprecedented innovation and subversion to the beauty retail industry providing a new perspective."

*a hierarchical classification of Chinese cities through a tier system judged by the city’s economic situation and government : I Tier, II Tier, III Tier, and so on