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Japan | Stock prices of TOKYO BASE Continuous Falling

Jul 20, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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The stock price of TOKYO BASE (TSE 1st section) which operates select shops "STUDIOS" and "UNITED TOKYO” will not stop falling. On July 19, it was 39 yen less (-5.6%) than the previous day at 650 yen. The settlement of the first quarter (March 1st to May 31st) announced on July 13 was ¥ 2.93 billion (0.6% increase from the previous term), with operating profits ¥ 325 million ( (-28.2%), ordinary income of 326 million yen (-27.9% of the same period), and net income of 225 million yen (-27.8% of the same period), due to a slight decline in slightly higher sales, which was announced in the previous fiscal year Performance targets for the current term. Net sales of 15,361 million yen (up 20.2% from the previous year), operating income of 2,029 million yen (28.9% increase), ordinary income of 2,032 million yen (28.9% increase). Net income is judged to be difficult in achieving the profit of 1,387 million yen (23.2% increase), which was sold.

TOKYO BASE split one stock into three shares on February 26th this year. After that, the closing price of 1535 yen on April 5th was the highest. On July 13th mentioned above, the closing price is 701 yen at the stop low. The closing price on July 19 was 650 yen which was 39 yen lower. Higher prices are expected by high expectations, which even further lowers the  prices are also expected.

Source: Yahoo! Finance