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The Logo Boom is Back in the Revival of the 90's. How Long will this Last?

Apr 26, 2018.Makiko AwataTokyo, JP
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The logo boom is re emerging in the revival of the 90’s. Speaking of the boom, sports brands and street brands are the main forces driving the popularity. But during the spring and summer of 2018, fashion houses launched logoed items one after the other following last season. Some brands were bold enough to be recognized just at a glance, while some designs reinterpreted an iconic monogram, and the others had a street-vibe to it. The possibilities are endless and are spreading more than ever.

The two biggest trendsetters, BALENCIAGA and GUCCI are the leading players in the logo boom. Demna Gvasalia, who prided in the spread of cult culture as a designer of VETEMENTS, became the creative director of BALENCIAGA since the autumn/winter season of 2016. In the debut collection, the hoodie and down mufflers was said to have changed the flow of trends when it made its drop. In the next season, spring/summer 2017 men's collection, the baseball cap with a logo became a hit on the streets. In addition, at the autumn/winter 2017 men's collection, it used the logo motif from the Bernie Sanders campaign 2016 US presidential election into a parody and a shopping bag in leather finished with the Balenciaga logo. Moreover, it launched a hoodie print using the parent company (among other names: Gucci, Saint Laurent…) of Balenciaga, “Kering” . This became the headway for the logo boom.


Meanwhile, Alessandro Michele, who took office as Creative Director of GUCCI in January 2015, adopted as its main motif. The iconic GG monogram: bold and graffiti-like. Its debut in eclectic and extravagant excess, Gucci has succeeded in launching its brand associations. In the 2018 cruise collection, items that coined the term "GUCCY" appeared as a play on anything related being "GUCCI-like" . The word game utilizing the brand is not limited to that alone. Words such as "GUCCIFY YOURSELF " came out taking the idea further.

Incidentally, FENDI which was known for the FF monogram logo, also renewed a new logo using the letter "F" upside down in the autumn / winter 2017. In addition, we can’t leave out the collaboration between Louis Vuitton × Supreme last year which showed unprecedented excitement in symbolizing this boom.

Needless to say this trend is hitting the streets. Logo nostalgic items that were popular in the 90's such as GAP, agnès b. and Guess was a hit with the models of the Millennial generation since last spring. Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with Gigi Hadid (Fall Winter 2016 - Spring Summer of 2018), became symbolic to being a Millennial model. It goes without saying that along with the logo boom came the revival of the 90’s and along with that, the influence through instagram.

So, how long will this boom last? As far as the spring / summer season of 2018 is concerned, the logo designs in the fashion houses has reached the point of its saturation. Easy to understand designs catch on quick and their lifespan, short. Though it seems unlikely it’ll die anytime soon.