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Japan|Ayame Goriki Attends Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Event, "VOLUPTE LAND"

Mar 6, 2019.Manabu TakamuraTokyo, JP
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Yves Saint Laurent Beaute is holding pop-up event, "VOLUPTE LAND" at Omotesando Hills from March 7 until the 10th. On the opening ceremony that occured on the previous day, actress Ayame Goriki was invited to the venue showered by flower bouquets. "VOLUPTE" ever since it’s launch in 2013 has sold 1 bottle every 7 seconds worldwide (* according to brand announcement) representing YSL's iconic lipstick. The venue has been reconstructed into an amusement park theme, where visitors can experience the all new eight shades that was released on Feb. 6.