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Japan|Birth of Customizable Milky Lotion and Serum from「CLINIQUE iD」

Nov 29, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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CLINIQUE is releasing it’s custom-fit emulsion and serum called CLINIQUE iD (6500 yen + tax) on Jan. 4 2019 in Japan (North America: Dec. 1) to adjust according to your skin concerns and preferences. Choose your favorite skin moisturizer base, "Dramatically Different" and "Cartridge Concentrate" that contains a surge of beauty ingredients to create your personal fit.

"Dramatically Different" is a long seller emulsion series from the brand sold in three textures: emulsion, gel emulsion and intense moisturizing gel. "Cartridge Concentrate" treats five skin concerns, "pores and textured skin", "brightening", "fatigue", "aging care", and "irritation”, and “uneven skin tone". The method of use is simple, just insert the "cartridge concentrate" into the moisture base and press to push the pump. There are 15 combinations in total and is 100% non fragrant. The Cartridge Concentrate is not sold as a unit, but as a set that comes with the moisturizing base.