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COSME DECORTÉ’s Evolved Anti-wrinkle Essence

Jun 11, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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DECORTÉ iP .Shot Advanced 10,000 yen+tax(20g)

DECORTÉ’s “iP.Shot” anti-wrinkle essence that was released in 2016 is coming out with the all-improved version, "iP .Shot Advanced" which will be sold in department and cosmetics stores nationwide on September 16th.

After prepping the skin with lotion, massaging the  iP. shot advance serum after will create a tightening effect on the wrinkled area. For preventative measures, focusing on areas that are likely to sag and wrinkle with age, will keep the skin firm and elastic. It has a soothing and elegant scent of citrus and floral cypress. DECORTÉ’s research and development in IPS (Pluripotent stem cells ー has regenerative abilities) is the perfect solution to a fast-track age-rewinding agent.


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