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GUCCI's Personalization Service, New DIY Program

May 25, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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Credits for the images shot by Petra Collins / Creative Director: Alessandro Michele / Art Director: Christopher Simmonds / Photographer & Director: Petra Collins

Italian luxury brand GUCCI launched a DIY product service that was revealed on the official website on May 10th. What’s customizable this time is the Ophidia series tote bag and Ace series sports shoes. Customers can inscribe their own letters according to their preferences with different materials to choose from and colours for each letters. Customizations can be done on the official website allowing the customer to  enjoy the process of designing their personalized item. Though mainly online, the GUCCI Wooster store in New York also offers this service and final products are delivered in an exclusive packaging printed with "ABCDEFGucci". With the launch of the DIY service, the official website also published animations and posters directed by Petra Collins. The content of the film describes the story of a girl who dreams of becoming a rock star.