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Japan|”HEELEY” Releases New Fragrance Inspired by Jeff Koon’s Art Work

Mar 1, 2019.Siqi DaiTokyo, JP
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HEELEY who became well known due to past collaboration with French apparel brand, MAISON KITSUNÉ, this time came out with a new fragrance “HEELEY Eau De Parfum Blanc Poodle" (100 ml, 20,000 yen + tax)  inspired by one of Jeff Koons’ art piece, “Michael Jackson and Bubbles” that’s releasing on March 14.

Jeff Koons is an American artist known for his paintings and sculptures in his usage of ‘kitschy’ imagery. The artwork titled "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" was revealed in 1988, with Michael holding his pet monkey, Bubble in a large scale sculpture. HEELEY’s founder, James Heeley, based the fragrance on a French porcelain imagery using vanilla and sandalwood in a silken cloud of white musk, to express an underlying warm innocence inspired by Bubbles. Along with the floral musk is combined with Iris, Rose, Violet, and Jasmine to finish that smells sensual and cozy.