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Kyoto|Isetan Kyoto "TEBACO" Opens in Gion, Nuit Blanche KYOTO Takes Place

Oct 2, 2018.Moeko NabekuraKyoto, JP
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"TEBACO" operated by JR Kyoto Isetan proposes a popup store that emcompasses Kyoto's sense of affluence and luxury which will open in Gion from October 3 to 16. The venue located at the ZEN building is transformed during that period which originally houses the "ZEN CAFE", "Kou KYOTO", "PONTE" and "Kawamuro Sen" and gallery "Sora ·Kagiya".

Held at the same time, this year’s festival of Contemporary Art of the Kyoto-Paris Friendship Conference is holding the "Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2018" to deepen friendship between the two cities with the theme of Blanche meaning white in French that exhibits Kyoto and Paris Artists' work and products in exhibitions, lectures,workshops and parties.

In addition to this, a preview of confectionery brands will appear at the event that will officially be sold at the JR Kyoto Isetan food in December such as French confectionery brands "La Sablesienne" "La Maison JOUVAUD" and Champagne Maison "Champagne by Fernando" and finally from Kyoto, "Kagizen Yoshifusa", established during mid-Edo period with a history of 300 years in fine confectionery.