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Tokyo | Event: Music Festival Fashion, TOKYO KAIHOKU FESTIVAL

Jul 10, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Are you prepared for the season’s music festivals and outdoor activities?  Starting from July 11th until July 31st, ISETAN Shinjuku is holding the “TOKYO KAIHOKU FESTIVAL” on the main building’s second floor for a limited time assembling the must-haves of festival fashion.

Limited edition printed photographic t-shirts taken by music, culture, and fashion magazine “NERO” of music artists and other brands deeply involved in the music scene such as “X-girl”, “bodysong.”, “IDEA” are also coming out with t-shirts.

Vintage clothes and lace are keywords of brand, "FURUGI-NI-LACE " who’s remaking official artist t-shirts of CHAI, OKAMOTO, the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and more.

Other included brands like “NaNa-NaNa” known for their PVC bags and smartphone cases, “Biju mam”’s colourful gemstone rings and other trinkets of accessories will be sold.

Location: Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 2F = Center Park / TOKYO KAIHOKU
Period: July 11 (Wed) ~ July 31 (Tues) 2018