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USA|Real Techniques® Sends Their Makeup Brushes Into Space

Aug 17, 2018.Stephanie WuNew York, US
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That's one small step for man, one giant leap for beauty. International makeup tool brand, Real Techniques®, announced its first successful space mission to celebrate the launch of the latest limited-edition collection, Brush Crush[TM] Volume 2.
Working with Sent Into Space*, Real Techniques® launched its latest galaxy-inspired collection from Earth on the 1 August at 10:24 BST using an enormous helium-filled balloon. Sent Into Space confirmed that the galactic-themed brushes are "the first makeup brushes ever to be sent into space", flying up over four times the height of Mount Everest; being exposed to temperatures of -57c at peak altitude, before landing back near Thorne in the United Kingdom. The collection is inspired by a lunar colour palette of icy silver and ombre violet hues in a total of 7 different brushes priced from £9.99 to £16.99.
The fastest-growing cosmetic accessory brand in the US also collaborated with some of the biggest global beauty influencers today to further support the launch. The official Instagram unveiling saw Real Techniques partner with several US and UK influencers who took to their Instagram stories at 16:00 BST on 10 August 2018 to reveal the range after cracking open planet-shaped branded piñatas.

*UK Space Agency, a nationally acclaimed educational program that provides corporate marketing, publicity, educational and memorial services, in addition offers a range of do-it-yourself kits for images, footages, and launches into near space. The balloons used are entirely biodegradable. No harmful chemical, dyes or preservatives are used in any consumables the company utilises and balloons are recovered on most flights.