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Recyclable Sneakers from STELLA McCARTNEY

Jun 26, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Stella McCartney, established in 2001 is releasing recyclable sneakers in the autumn / winter season from 2018 - 2019. Designer Stella McCartney is a genuine vegetarian and also an animal-activist who emphasizes on sustainability, without using materials derived from animals such as fur and leather. Her ionic "Falabella" bag uses special high-quality artificial leather which is water and dirt resistant and uses PET bottle recycled material for its lining.

The new released mid-sock ‘glueless’ sneaker, "Loop" uses glue that is environmentally friendly. Noteworthy are the bio TPU material ー a hybrid between hard plastic and soft silicone rubber soles made from recycled materials. There will be an expansion in the Mens and Womens shoe collection range that includes ankle length knits for mens, nappa-like materials, lace knit mix for womens that come in different lengths: short, ankle, knee-high versions.