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For a Greener World, Sekkisei’s SAVE the BLUE Project 10th Year

Jun 8, 2018.Okinawa, JP
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Kosé cosmetics company brand, ‘Sekkisei’,  have been working on environmental conservation and performing ocean preservation activities for ten years and for this tenth year, the "SAVE the BLUE" project, plans to incorporate forest conservation activities by planting trees in the Kesennuma forest during the winter in addition to its coral conservation activities. Plans of expanding projects overseas and increasing the amount of activities in natural conservation in 10 countries and regions includes Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

For this campaign, they are releasing a limited-edition bottle that’s printed in the theme of "Live on the Earth ~ for a beautiful earth, that continues to the next generation ~" that’s set to be sold on July 1st. The exterior of the bottle comes with a dispenser that has been switched to a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved material.

Coral reefs in Japan and Okinawa are considered as one of the world's most beautiful. In recent years, the number have drastically dwindled and are endangered due to rising sea temperatures and water pollution. In order to protect this ecosystem, the corals planted in the seabed for over the past 9 years through the "SAVE the BLUE" project have totaled 14,440. Which is about 23.3 times the area of a ​25-meter swimming pool.

"Okinawa is an island made of corals. I felt that Kosé has taken this matter seriously and I trusted them which has allowed us to continue this project until now. The polluted ocean has become a matter of fact and I don’t want to accept this. I hope we can create a new and beautiful ocean that’s promising and teeming with life." says Mr. Kaneshiro, who’s over seeing this project as a member of the aquaculturing company that cultivates and plants corals. In 2016, the morality of corals are caused by warmer water temperatures resulting in ‘coral bleaching’ where the corals expel algae (zooxanthellae) living in their tissues causing them to turn completely white. However not completely dead, they are susceptible to disease and more stress that eventually leads to death.  In order to create corals that won’t easily succumb under the bleaching, a ‘super coral’ has been cultivated to combat the environment.

Though there are various kinds of environmental-related CSR (Corporate social responsibility) activities in companies, how much are they truly addressing environmental issues by listening to the voices at the actual scene? Small steps made by slowly plotting the land and conservationist Kaneshiro’s thoughts about a beautiful future, we can only hope to continue and increase our preservations works for the future for a bluer sky.