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Moving Ukiyo-e GIF ANIMATION Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of Vivienne Westwood's Aoyama Flagship Store

May 2, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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SEGAWA Thirty-Seven

Vivienne Westwood celebrates its Aoyama flagship store 15th anniversary entitled "last party on earth" and is exhibiting GIF animation works in collaboration with Japanese Ukiyo-e (woodblock print) GIFer artist, Segawa Thirty-Seven. This is the first time that Vivienne Westwood is collaborating with a Japanese artist.

GIF is an image file format which records short animations and in recent years used as a creative tool. Segawa is a famous GIFer who is known for his unique moving Ukiyo-e series which encompasses modern elements. He's known to have collaborated with other companies such as Japanese sports shoe brand, asics and automobile manufacturers.

In the GIF animation for Vivienne Westwood, the performers were dressed in the theme of HOUSE OF CARDS (playing card inspired design) of the 18S/S season in a Ukiyo-e backdrop and was posted on Instagram.

At the actual event, performers were there juggling away (amongst other spectacles) inside the shop and also in front of the display windows where virtual and realistic elements provided amusement for the guests.

Ukiyo-e GIF Animation released at Vivienne Westwood Japan's Official Instagram (here)