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MASH Style Lab Launches New Brand, First Store Opens in Lumine 1

Feb 22, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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MASH Style Lab (MSL) new brand, CELFORD opens on February 23rd, on the 2nd floor of Shinjuku Lumine 1. The brand concept, "THE FIRST LADY". emulates the sense of elegance, originality, and pride that all First Ladies around the world encompasses. Inside the store of about 90 square meters, where products are laid out spaciously centering putting the spotlight on the main dress in the store. It's said that the target sales for the first fiscal year will be the annual sales of 170 million yen, aiming at 200 million yen for the next fiscal year. On February 9th, company store MISTERGENTLEMAN opened in Omotesando. MSL is taking leaps forward in its development which is worth looking into.