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Japan|clé de peau Beauté Holiday 2018 Collection Takes Us to Wonderland

Oct 19, 2018.Xueqing DingTokyo, JP
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Shiseido’s high-end makeup brand and skin care brand, clé de peau Beauté is releasing their 2018 Christmas limited edition makeup collection, “Collection Féeries d’Hiver” to invite those to be curious and open doors leading to the unordinary. The concept and packaging design is in collaboration with Italian illustrator, Daria Petrilli.

The story starts off chasing a white rabbit while accidentally stumbling upon a magical garden. Here, the flamingos and flowers sing, butterflies and trump cards flutter about in the air. This is where the story is transformed through printed cute and magical illustrations in light dreamy green blue and pastel pink for a childlike Victorian inspired collection in face powder, lipstick, eyeshadows, highlighter, and face cream.

To commemorate the release, the brand is opening a limited-time pop up event at Omotesando Hills between Oct.21 until Oct. 28. From the entrance to the pavilion, there will be a large limited time wonderland decoration to mimic the world they’ve created into reality. Experience the limited edition collection at the clé de peau Beauté store which will be available on the 1st floor.

POUDRE COMPACTE ESSENTIELLE (Face Powder)  1 shade 10,000yen(

ROUGE À LÈVRES CACHEMIRE (Lipstick)  2 shades 6,000yen(

OMBRES COULEURS QUADRI (eyeshadow palette) 1 squad 7,500yen(

LA CRÈME (face creme) 30g 60,000yen(

CORRECTEUR VISAGE (Highlighting Illuminator) 6,000yen(