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Global | lucien pellat-finet T-shirt Collboration

Jul 11, 2018.Moeko NabekuraTokyo, JP
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Comes in a set 48,000 yen (

French brand "lucien pellat-finet" collaborated with French calligraphy artist Nicolas Ouchenir releasing limited time T- shirts. He’s known to be the best fashion scribe in the industry and has been active in various fields penning more than 15,000 invitations each season during Fashion Week. His beautiful calligraphy incorporates traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist beckoning special requests from princesses, political figures and celebrities. The collaboration this time depicts the ode of love drawn in red ink using the leaf motif of lucien pellat-finet. Released in early July, the set are priced at 48,000 yen ( .


「lucien pellat-finet × Nicolas Ouchenir」
Release date: Beginning of July 2018
Price: Mens 2 piece set 48,000 yen (
Material: 100% cotton