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Japan| 2018 First Half Last (Exception) News: Listen, People in the Fashion Industry. TOYOTA’s Radiance is Almost Blinding.

Jul 19, 2018.Minoru MamiTokyo, JP
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Recently, taxis with the Tokyo Olympics logos also appear to have expanded too in height. This is the JPN (Japan) taxi that Toyota had announced 22 years prior. The media may had held back in reporting the car model due to their concern about what other car brand manufacturers would think and news about this was scarce. In short, this new taxi uses a safe sliding door, has a 1300 cm high ceiling and is very comfortable. I interviewed several new taxi drivers and they all said their praise: "Many passengers specifically make reservations for this taxi. They’re earning big time." There is no need for a more handsome looking taxi. Hailing this taxi, you may turn a blind eye to what’s been lacking in the current fashion industry. You mustn't be bound by the past.