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Macau CN|Beyond 5 Stars: Hotel Morpheus, Gastronomy & Design at its Finest

Dec 14, 2018.Eri KoizumiMacau, CN
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The develops continue to expand within the Macau-Cotai district and one novelty sight is a high-rise tower — Morpheus that opened this year in the summer. The structure planned by the world’s largest integrated resort companies, Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited, has become Macau’s new landmark attracting attention from celebrities around the world. This time, I was invited to a press lunch meeting with chef and creator, Alain Duccase who opened his first Asia restaurant, “Voyage by Alain Duccase" to expose Morpheus’s glamorous designs and gastronomy. The 5 star hotel that aims at being a world class luxury, has already exceeded the standards of a 5 star hotel, which I can truly attest to.

building interiors & exteriors

At the center of this 42-story skeleton-like structure, that are a total of three different sizes holes that warps the building. The appearance of Morpheus is an unforgettable spectacle. The design of this hotel was created by none other than British female architect, Zaha Hadid. Initially she’d planned on designing Tokyo’s new national stadium, but unfortunately passed away suddenly in 2016. Mrs. Zaha’s works is characterized by innovative designs that curves and bends and, is the world's first exoskeletal steel structure that adopts a shape that contorts freely.


staff uniforms

As the cocoon is supporting the whole steel frame around the periphery, there are no pillars on the interiors and the giant lobby space is just spectacular. The 12 high-speed capsuled glass elevators shoots up and down as you would imagine in a sci-fi film. There are also unexpected surprises with night and day time natural lighting which create a completely different atmosphere. By all means, I recommend taking the ride on the elevators to appreciate the two juxtaposing views. Not to mention but the staff uniforms are designed by  popular couture designer, Barney Cheng who create rich variations which are each extremely stylish. All the staffs are proficient in English and maybe it’s just me, but they were all gorgeous looking.

room interior

The hotel has 772 rooms that includes suites and villas. There is an outdoor heated pool on the 40th floor (130 meters above the ground). Within the vicinity is Macao's first renowned French chef, Alan Ducasse's restaurant along with Pierre Herme’s bar, a spa facility and commercial zone that has a artificial snow courtyard. The guest room design borrows motifs from luxurious liners, however all have a near-future high-tech specs. With electronic pads in various places, its possible to control all indoor equipments such as the air conditioner, curtains, blinds, TV, lighting, etc. Of course you can’t go without TOTO’s fully automated toilet, and a Dyson casually sitting inside the drawer. There’s also a universal charger that’s in the bedside drawer. Everything is perfectly designed with functionality and convenience in mind. Power cord fasteners are in leather, hangers and umbrellas all have been carefully chosen for the top quality.

art piece

Many artworks such as Japanese contemporary artist Ohmaki Shinji’s "Echoes Infinity" and Brooklyn based contemporary artist, KAWS large-scaled sculpture "Good Intentions" are displayed in the hall.

Voyage by Alain Ducasse, lunch and kitchen tour

Executive chef, Anthony Bacle introducing his rustic-styled terrine

Alright. Let’s dive into the the juicy bit. The luncheon meeting with Alain Ducasse who is also at Voyage By Alain Ducasse. In 30 years of his travels around the world, you can imagine his experiences has brought a variety of inspirational dishes and twists. This restaurant serves modern international cuisines from the visits in a casual yet upscale setting. Orange walls and ceiling mimic the warm tones of persimmons, curved wooden armchairs, artworks depicted by French artists, etc. set the tone of the interiors creating a relaxing ambience.

In the kitchen tour, you can also see samples inspired by Japanese okonomiyaki (savory pancake) and sashimi with yellowtails and more, shows Ducasse’s interest in Japanese culture. His classic dish, which I assume, is the Gougére (savory choux) made with Guérère cheese which is simple yet still delicious. In many cases, Guérère is often presented in french restaurants as an amuse bouche, but this time was an exception as we had this in the kitchen accompanied by the restaurant’s original champagne.

seated for lunch

Invited guests after toasted with a glass of white wine. The first appetizer was a crusted pie consommé soup. "This is a specialty of Paul Bocuse," says Ducasse, paying homage to the French master chef who passed away this year in January. Then came the Terrine, Australian beef steak, desserts and so on within the comforts of a warm bistro-like atmosphere and good conversations.

A building that you want to see once in a lifetime, Morpheus is a resort where you can fully enjoy the latest technology, seasonal art, and the world's best gourmet that goes beyond the experience of a 5 star hotel.