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China|China's Largest Fashion Carnival "YO'HOOD 2018" Held in Shanghai

Sep 13, 2018.Xueqing DingShanghai, CN
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YO'HOOD, the largest annual trend event in China, was successfully held in Shanghai from August 31st to September 2nd. YO'HOOD was created by Chinese local trend magazine,  YOHO! The offline activities created by the company have gathered booths from all over the world every year since the first session in 2013. In 2018, NIGO® continues as creative director. The theme of the event is RENEW THE RULES, which is divided into two theme areas: THE WORLD and RISING CHINA. The event cooperates with internationally renowned local street brands, and on the other hand, it brings together the power of China's “Domestic Trends” to show people the support of rising Chinese local brands.

In the THE WORLD International local street brand exhibition area, not only NIGO®'s HUMAN MADE has created a “Zoo” themed area, but also for the first-time, international brands such as uniform experiment, PLACES+FACES, F.A.M.T, IRENISGOOD, X KARLA are also exhibited. These brands have launched collaboration products and new collection specifically created at the YO'HOOD event that will satisfy the appetites of hipsters. Surprisingly this year, CHANEL also opened a platform here, showing daily items like perfumes. The theme RISING CHINA, which started last year, was specially created to support Chinese local brands and this year, Randomevent, ATTEMPT, UMAMIISM, FMACM, CircleClean, etc., known internationally will also be exhibited. This theme is created to the advantage of YOHO! who has accumulated a vast amount of resources over the years providing a broader and richer resource platform for Chinese brands in increasing exposure opportunities to enhance brand influence.
In addition to fashion trends, a variety of new and interesting food and drink, art galleries, after parties and other activities were available, allowing guests to fully enjoy trends to its fullest. YOHO! As one of the most influential Chinese local trend communication platforms in China, not only in media, but also in brand development, retail and offline activities, that it has gradually become a comprehensive business model. In the future, its new trends and ideas are still worthy of the industry's expectations.