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Japan|Hit-Union Acquires Japanese Hat Brand, CA4LA

Jul 13, 2018.Tokyo, JP
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On July 2nd, fashion & sports apparel company Hit-Union Co., LTD. who owns FRED PERRY, announced the acquiring of all shares in Weave Toshi Co., Ltd., which manages the company’s original hat brand, CA4LA. Toshio Yoshizawa, the founder of Weave Toshi, will serve as Chairman of the Board and will effectively utilize the funds, branding power and oversea connections of the Hit-Union Group along with the new representative, Keiji Tanabe.
Yoshizawa says, "After thinking about the future CA4LA, I am confident that asking Tanabe, who is internationally knowledgeable about global cultures and product manufacturing, was the best choice.” New representative Tanabe says, "We are very pleased to welcome CA4LA to our group. What we aim is the International collective of individual brands and we believe that CA4LA, which has established a strong brand power in the niche market, will grow further in the future."
Hit Union's 2017 group sales was 23 billion yen (*US$ 204 million) and the same year sales of Weave Toshi was 3.6 billion yen (*US$ 32 million). CA4LA currently has 24 shops in Japan and 1 shop in London.

*1 USD = 112.71 JPY (July 13 2018) approx. values