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① JFW-IFF · MAGIC Canceled (Senken Newspapers, Nov. 15th issue, P.2)

Nov 19, 2018.Ichiro KumegawaTokyo, JP
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This is not exactly an article, however it is a little shocking. Senken newspaper company who collaborated with leading American fashion exhibition MAGIC since April 2017, an exhibition held twice a year, canceled it’s scheduled event next March. Although there was an official apology announcement, it seemed curt. As for the exhibition project, "plug-in", (which curates fashion, art, and lifestyle brands) will continue. Since JFW has made its mark, there should have been subsidies from the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry who are willing to grant a subsidy. Why with the sudden suspension? Needless to say it’s probably due to its deteriorating profit. Even if they’d continued using it’s big name, “MAGIC”, for the next 2 years it wouldn’t have made any difference. For a while, the exhibition seemed to have a bright future in this shrinking industry. Considered to be the number one trade journal of the textile and apparel industry where it’s accepted publically and professionally, the next step to survival is to digitally strengthen. Knowing this,  you can definitely feel the severity of this “incident” hitting home in the industry.